Ensto Maviko Smart CSS solutions – Smart grid made simple

Ensto Maviko Smart CSS solutions – Smart grid made simple

Ensto Maviko i1000 compact secondary substations and EA6 switching stations are our main product offerings for modern, technologically demanding smart power distribution solutions. We aim to provide a comprehensive service, all the way from design to onsite primary-side fault simulation tests. Our products are designed and assembled in Finland.

Manufacturing of Ensto Maviko’s products are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 certified.

The demands on the availability of the electricity distribution network are constantly increasing. Outages are becoming increasingly costly for electricity distribution companies, so it pays to increase the intelligence, remote-control and protection of electricity networks. With automation, remote-control, and additional protection, it is possible to reduce outage times and significantly limit the area affected by outages. Modern protection relays can also help to anticipate faults developing on the network. Ensto Maviko’s Smart CSS products offer the best solution on the market.

Eight reasons to choose Ensto Maviko Smart CSS solutions

1. Safety.
2. Turnkey delivery.
3. Onsite primary-side fault simulation tests, with our test trailer.
4. Vendor agnostic universal product platform, the latest technology on the market.
5. One-stop product support.
6. Built for challenging Nordic climatic conditions.
7. Combination Transformer Earthing Reactor, to reduce side effects of underground cabling.
8. Superior product for co-construction of infrastructure.

1. Safety

In the design of the Ensto Maviko’s CSS products, special attention has been paid to the safety of the operator and the general public. The substation is equipped with an arc pressure relief duct, which directs the expelling gasses in a controlled manner through a panel on the roof of the structure. The controlled pressure relief reduces damage to the substation and any arc fault does not pose a risk to operator or the general public. The substation has been arc fault protection tested and has an IAC-A and an IAC-B internal arc classification. IAC-A ensures the safety of operators and IAC-B ensures the safety of the general public in the event of an arc flash. The substation includes comprehensive lockout and access control monitoring, as well as multitude of other indications available to the SCADA system. Operator safety is also enhanced by automatic LED lighting in the substations.

2. Turnkey delivery

Ensto Maviko has a high level of expertise in the field of electrical grid protection and automation. Our smart CSS solutions can be configured with complex protection schemes that are tested during the factory testing phase. Remote-control and monitoring signals can also be tested all the way up to the clients SCADA system right from our factory floor. We also provide consultation services for determining the protection settings. If desired, we can tailor a completely customized Smart CSS solution to meet your specific needs.

3. Onsite primary-side fault simulation tests

As part of the Smart CSS solutions concept Ensto Maviko offers onsite primary-side fault simulation tests with our testing trailer to ensure the correct operation of complex protection schemes. The trailer simulates real-life fault situations in a controlled and safe manner. The testing trailer is equipped with a MV switchgear and a protection relay system that has a disturbance recorder and terminals for external measuring instruments. The trailer can be connected to grid using live line work and the protection relay can be configured so that no actual trip occurs in the supplying substation. This way there will be no distribution outages during testing.

4. Universal product platform, the latest technology on the market

Ensto Maviko’s Smart CSS products are completely vendor agnostic. This allows you the customer to choose the latest state-of-art components, that satisfy your requirements, from any number of different suppliers. Our Smart CSS products can be integrated seamlessly to different SCADA systems using common protocols and communication methods.

5. One-stop product support

At Ensto Maviko we aim to provide a comprehensive service. As part of this service, an extensive product support is available, providing everything from spare parts to configuration changes and primary-side onsite fault simulation tests.

6. Built for challenging Nordic climatic conditions

Our CSS products have a dust ingress protected and thermal insulated IP55 rated section for automation, remote-control and auxiliary power systems. This ensures reliable operation of the equipment in the challenging Nordic climatic conditions. For power quality and energy invoicing meters there are several mounting places both in the thermal insulated section and other areas of the structure.

7. Combination Transformer Earthing Reactor, to reduce side effects of underground cabling

Earth fault currents are increasing rapidly as a result of the undergrounding of cables. Instead of a traditional distribution transformer, we can offer a high-quality combination transformer earthing reactor, which in addition to the distribution transformer windings, has a earth fault current and/or reactive power compensation windings. The combination transformer is delivered configurated and ready to use.

8. Superior product for co-construction of infrastructure

An enclosure configuration with a completely separate section for third-party equipment is available for co-construction of infrastructure. The section allows cost sharing in co-construction of infrastructure projects with e.g., telecom providers. Originally designed for telecom fibre-optic equipment but can also be used for any other customer specific application.

Technical specifications

  • Standards SFS EN 62271-202 and SFS EN 61439-5.
  • Non-walk-in structure.
  • Thermal insulated IP55 rated section for automation and remote-control equipment.
  • Ingress protection rating of IP23D for the other sections of the substation.
  • Rated up to 1000 kVA transformers.
  • LV busbars rated up to 1600 A.
  • Arc flash protection tested 20 kA, 1s. IAC-AB Classification.

Our Smart CSS solutions are available in different enclosure configurations depending on your needs